VAGUS Adventuro

Reporting Time: 05:45 hrs
Start Time: 06:15 hrs Close Time: 06:45 hrs
Start Point: Cortalim Junction
Total Distance: 103 kms
Total Route Elevation: 750 m
Total Time Alloted: 8 hrs

Breakfast shall be served at the 1st Check Point. 

Registration closes strictly at 12:00 hrs, 17th December 2016. Rider briefing conducted by Rajesh Malhotra shall be held at 18:00 hrs on 17th December 2016 at Probyk, Panjim. Queries if any shall be addressed during the rider briefing. The rider kit can be collected by the participant on 17th December 2016 between 12:00 hrs-20:00 hrs from Probyk, Panjim.

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