Club Probyk Morning Ride Schedule

Rides Start at Probyk - 06:15 am  

Reporting Time: 5 min before Start Time

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Friendship Ride 2016
Vagus adventuro

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Helmets Compulsory/Carry Water & Spare Tube/Check Brakes & Tire Pressure Before Ride/Eat a small snack or Banana before you start off from home/Carry some money for Breakfast and Emergencies/Go through the route map given above to avoid delays and inconvenience to other riders/Follow Traffic Rules/Probyk is only facilitating the Group Ride and is Not Responsible for any Loss or Untoward Incident during the Ride/ Children below 18 years to be accompanied by an Adult.

Tuesday Roadies Ride Out: Neura Loop
Type: Road | MTB | Hybrid 
Distance: 44 kms
Elevation: 228 m
Intensity: Fast
Duration: 100 min approx

Santa Ride by Probyk
VAGUS Adventuro 2

Saturday Breakfast Ride: Ride to Banastarim
Type: Road | Hybrid | MTB
Distance: 33 kms
Elevation: 161 m
Intensity: Medium
Duration: 80 min approx

Thursday Trails: Madkai Mash
Type: Road | Hybrid | MTB
Distance: 55 kms
Elevation: 431 m
Intensity: Medium
Duration: 120 min approx

Probyk VAGUS Nightglo

Sussegado Xembor, 1st Sunday of every Year

Type: Road | Hybrid | MTB
Place: Verna Industrial Estate
Reporting Time: 05:55 am
Start Time: 06:30 am
Time Allotted: 3-7 hrs 
Distance: 101 km


Independence Day Ride
Independence Day Ride